TranslationsInBirmingham – Who are we and what we do!

 TranslationsIinBirmingham is a proud member of the Absolute Translations and Interpreting Group and can refer to 15 years of experience in the field of translating and interpreting.

“Credentials” is the name of the game!

The key of a trustworthy and professional translation office with high quality standards and a high sense of responsibility is “credentials”. So TranslationsInBirmingham is very proud to be accredited and certified with all the ATC (Association of Translations Companies) and EU ATC (European Union of the Associations of Translation Companies) requirements and certified by the international ISO 9001:2015.

TranslationsInBirmingham is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, which means that we guarantee our clients that their documents and personal data they forward to us will be treated with utmost confidentiality and discretion and that they are kept safely and securely and for no longer than it is absolutely necessary.

Some people will ask themselves: “Is it possible to work in 275 different languages?” We say: “Yes, it is!”

 Worldwide there are approximately 7,000 languages and dialects and many of the 7 billion people on Earth are able to speak more than only one language. On the other hand, many of these 7,000 languages are not spoken by a lot of people. Therefore, sometimes, when it comes to providing interpreters in the most needed languages, it is quite tricky to find the right person for doing that job.

Our team is motivated and deeply committed to expand and develop our databases to cover as many languages as possible. Why don’t you contact us now to see if your language is one of the 275 languages we translate and interpret from and into?

The most common languages we provide services include Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Russian or Spanish but we also cover most rarely used languages such as Igbo, Mandinka, Twi etc